Infinity Repair Kit

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Rebuild / overhaul kit for the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity & Infinity X Airbrushes, supplied with comprehensive, illustrated fitting instructions. Contains all seals & springs required for a complete rebuild, comprising;

* 2 x Nozzle Rear Seal (1 spare)
* 2 x Air Cap Seal (1 spare)
* 1 x Needle Main Seal
* 1 x Needle Spring
* 1 x Paint Cup Seal
* 1 x Air Valve Body Seal
* 1 x Upper Air Valve Seal
* 1 x Lower Air Valve Seal
* 1 x Air Valve Spring
* 1 x Quick Connect Seal
* 1 x Paint Volume Seal
* 1 x Centre Body Seal

The paint cup seal included with this kit is the later PTFE solvent resistant version as supplied with CRPlus models.

Although this repair can be carried out without any special tools, the Harder & Steenbeck Needle Seal Tool greatly simplifies removal of the needle seal, removing the needle seal & retaining screw in one operation without the possibility of loss of either. It can be found in the related products below;

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