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Plast-I-Weld has been specifically developed by Flexi-I-File, Manufacturer of the Touch-N-Flow applicator for use in the Touch-N-Flow. It can also be applied by brush.

Plast-I-Weld is a clear plastic fusing adhesive that dissolves a thin layer of each surface to form a welded joint. The process of welding makes for fast, strong & permanent joints.

The low viscosity & low surface tension formula allows the adhesive to be quickly absorbed into joints, resulting in less mess & superior bonds. Pro Weld can be applied to joints which are almost closed, allowing alignment to be achieved before application.

Plast-I-Weld comes in a 2oz (60ml) bottle & is Suitable for ABS, Styrene, Butyrate & Acrylic Plastics.

Plast-I-Weld can be used with the Touch-N-Flow applicator to apply very small amounts of adhesive, or to bond large continuous seams without the need to stop.

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