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The futuristic new Sparmax Flyer is an innovative & simple to use external mix airbrush idea for beginners or where simplicity, rapid colour changes or ease of cleaning are an advantage. With an 0.4mm nozzle & 15ml bottle, the Flyer is best suited to medium / coverage work.

Ease of use;
Put paint in the bottle, screw the cap assembly on, plug the bottle into the Flyer & pull the trigger. To adjust spray pattern width, simply turn the bottle cap while spraying.

Ease of colour change;
Unplug the bottle & replace with another bottle.
The Flyer is supplied with one bottle & cap assembly, for quick colour changes additional bottles will be required, these are supplied in sets of 4 which include 3 x 15ml bottles with complete cap / nozzle assemblies & 1 x 15ml bottle with plain lid.

Ease of cleaning;
Remove the bottle, removing the cap & then needle cap & rinse / wash in suitable cleaning agent - there are no needles, springs or intricate parts to misplace.

Gravity fed, external mix, single action airbrush
0.4mm nozzle for medium work
Supplied with multipurpose holder (for Flyer or bottles)
1/8" BSP-P air inlet

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