Harder & Steenbeck Airbrushes

H&SGerman manufacturers Harder & Steenbeck produce a comprehensive range of premium quality airbrushes based around their superb “drop-in” nozzle design, which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. From the entry level Ultra airbrush to the top of the range Infinity CRPlus, there is an airbrush in Harder & Steenbeck’s comprehensive range of airbrushes to suit the requirements of every air brusher, developed through over 90 years of manufacturing operations.

Harder & Steenbeck were founded as a metal goods factory in Hamburg in 1923 by engineers and fellow students August Harder and Wilhelm Steenbeck. Initially the company produced variable products for the manufacture of radio receivers – as it was during this time radio programmes were becoming popular entertainment. Later, the product range was expanded to include devices for presenting physics experiments in schools and engineering colleges.

In the 1930s Steenbeck left the company to set up his own precision engineering business, building world famous film editing equipment.  August Harder switched the business production to the manufacture of accessories for the booming auto industry of Opel, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz.

After the war, during which Harder & Steenbeck built sonar systems for shipping, the business began producing paint spraying equipment; the Lüster and Majo models being equipped with different sets of nozzles according to customer requirements. The Autograph and Foto models were precision tools with 0.2mm nozzles, especially for photo retouching. Colour spray guns were designed for graphic designers, re-touchers, artists and painters – and to the porcelain doll and toy industry located mainly in southern Germany.

Harder & Steenbeck still supply products for porcelain and toy manufacturers, and also develop and produce airbrush models for medical and cosmetics companies amongst many others.

Harder & Steenbeck consider it important to make a contribution to environmental and climate protection. They only use high-quality European raw materials (brass, nickel silver, stainless steel and aluminium); and recycle surplus material created during the manufacture of airbrushes. The company also refrains from using electric power generated by coal-fired and atomic power stations; exclusively procuring green electricity generated from natural regenerative sources (e.g. solar, hydro and wind power stations).

In 1996 the company presented two new models, the Grafo and Colani, and in 1998 launched its Evolution airbrush. The Evolution is the company’s biggest seller and makes Harder & Steenbeck what it is today. UK-based Air-craft.net stock over 30 Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes to cater for any creative requirement, and offer free UK delivery on orders over £150.00.

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