Bottled lacquer paints from Tamiya mean you can broaden your creative horizons.

The Tamiya paint range has always included acrylic bottled paints and a series of lacquer spray paints.

Tamiya Lacquer Paint

But Tamiya’s new range of lacquer paints now come in the traditional bottle format, meaning the application of lacquer paint is no longer restricted to spraying, and removes the need to decant lacquer paint from the spray can before using a brush or airbrush. It also makes the mixing of colours so much easier.

Tamiya colour paints have long been a favourite of modellers when achieving the perfect finish on their scale masterpieces, and the new bottled lacquer paint is sure to become an essential item in their modelling armoury. In addition to a strong final finish the fast drying time is also a bonus.

Colours once only available as sprays like pearl blue, mica red, pure orange and more are now in bottled form.

Tamiya lacquer paints are highly versatile — whether using them to airbrush large areas or to pick out fine detailing with a brush — their stunning, consistent tones add superlative realism to your model. Their resilient finish makes them ideal to use as a basecoat, they are resistant to enamel paints, with swift drying times ensuring an efficient painting process. There are 69 lacquer paints across the range, along with a dedicated thinner, thinner with added retarder & retarder.

Tamiya paints are a high quality laquer paint suitable for airbrushing or brush painting that offers the advantages of good adhesion, quick drying time and providing a durable and smooth finish, and the full range is available from

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