Iwata airbrushes – byword for excellence

From the ultimate Kustom series to the entry level Revolution series, the Iwata airbrush range offers high quality and performance for the beginner through to the seasoned professional.


Iwata airbrushes are considered to set the standard by which other airbrushes are measured. The Iwata company say this is proved by the impressive roster of elite professionals throughout the world who prefer Iwata over any other brand. They write “Iwata professional airbrushes are unquestionably considered to be the finest airbrushes by the world’s top professionals. Our Micron Series is widely considered to be the finest airbrush in the world.”

The range of Iwata airbrushes are all available from Air-craft.net, and here is a brief rundown of what each brand offers.


1.revolutionMade for users at all levels, the Iwata Revolution airbrush series features top of the line airbrushes at exceptional value. The HP-TR pistol trigger airbrushes offer comfortable and controllable trigger operation and includes the Iwata Pistol Grip Filter.


2.eclipseIwata Eclipse airbrushes are multi-purpose, versatile airbrushes suitable for a wide range of applications. Being able to spray heavier paints, they can achieve both fine lines and 2″ wide spray patterns, making them well suited for almost any application or project. The Eclipse series are the most popular Iwata airbrushes thanks to their versatility.

High Performance Plus

3.High-PerformanceRenowned as the professional’s workhorse, the Iwata High Performance series is descended from the original HP series, and features pre-set, cut away handles, solvent proof Teflon needle seals, large nozzle threads and tapered gravity paint cups for easy cleaning and more efficient paint flow.


4.hilineFeaturing the ultimate in air control directly at the nozzle with the Micro Air Control (MAC) valve, the Hi-Line series offers precise control. Designed for artists who need extreme control of detailed spraying, the Hi-Line series uses large diameter nozzle threads which makes them stronger and ensures better centring when fitting.


Custom Micron

6.custom micronFor the elite professional who demands precise and accurate control of very detailed spraying, the Custom Micron series is built to be the ‘best of the best’, hand tested and adjusted by the world’s leading airbrush technicians. Special machining processes along with the meticulous hand-fitting of parts create airbrushes with superb atomization and incredible control.

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