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Innovative airbrush compressor technology from Sparmax.

The company Sparmax was founded in Taiwan in 1978 and was one of the first manufacturers to design and build oil-less mini air compressors specifically for the airbrush market. With numerous patented designs under their belt, Sparmax have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing compressors, airbrushes and related accessories for nearly 40 years, […]

Fine detail work in scale modelling.

What’s the trick to painting really fine freehand details like borders, lettering or the smaller components of model kits? Aside from a steady hand and a good eye, here are a few ideas used by professional and hobby modellers when painting detail. First up, use really small brushes like an 18/0, with a thinner mix […]

Getting stuck into modelling adhesives.

Adhesives aren’t as simple as they used to be. Good old basic glue has developed greatly and hobby enthusiasts, especially modellers, will use a varied range of adhesives according to the materials they are working with. These days there is an adhesive for every kind of task and stock a range of adhesives and […]

Introducing the Sparmax TC-610H

The Sparmax TC-610H is a powerful, quiet and reliable oil free automatic single piston airbrush compressor with a 2.5 litre tank, and was our most popular and fastest moving compressor. However, an updated model with added features is now available – the TC-610H Plus – and we have it in stock at the same price. […]

New Mr Hobby Airbrush range introduced to the UK.

If you’re familiar with Mr Hobby products you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from their new airbrush range, because just like all their other products, quality and performance is key. But if you’re not familiar with Mr Hobby products, you should be. They manufacture some of the best hobby paints and accessories […]

Get a handle on Pre-set, Volume Control and Quick Fix.

What are airbrush Pre-set handles, Paint Volume Control handles and Quick Fix handles all about? Basically they are adjustable needle stops on the airbrush rear handle that can be screwed in or out to limit needle travel, in order to control to quite a precise degree the maximum volume of paint which can flow through […]

Which compressor rating is most relevant?

THE ratings supplied for airbrush compressors can be confusing when comparing compressors or trying to match one to existing or planned equipment. With most airbrush compressors you will find power, pressure and air flow ratings, and while power and pressure ratings do give some indication of performance, the air flow rating is the most useful […]

How to clean an airbrush.

THIS is the advice we give when asked how to clean the Harder & Steenbeck range of airbrushes. There are two times when you should clean an airbrush. Obviously when the job is finished is one time, but just as importantly it must be cleaned between colour usage. How you choose to clean between colours […]

How does my airbrush work?

AIR-CRAFT.NET is based in Fort William and provides premium airbrushing, graphic equipment, craft tools and associated materials to graphic artists, crafter and scale modellers and general air brushers. Our portfolio of quality products consists only of recognised and quality articles in these fields, the vast majority of which are purchased direct from the manufacturers and […]