Colani 1.0mm Needle / Nozzle Set

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1.0mm Stainless Steel Needle, Nickel Silver Nozzle, Air Cap & Nozzle Cap in protective case, manufactured by Harder & Steenbeck.

Ideally suited to work where greater coverage / flow is required.

** For Colani airbrush only **

*** The 1.0mm Colani nozzle set requires higher airflow than some low / medium powered airbrush compressor can provide. The following air consumption figures can be used to determine if you existing compressor will be suitable;

20psi - 30 L/Min*
30psi - 38 L/Min*

Your compressors airflow rating should be available from the compressor manual or from the manufacturer's website. Should the rating be provided in CFM, multiply the CFM rating by 28.3 to obtain the L/Min rating.

* These figures are approximate & provided for guidance only

For individual Harder & Steenbeck Needles, Nozzles & Components, please see HERE.

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