Craft Tools

  • A wide selection of hand tools for the crafter & modeller, including miniature drills, pin vice's, needle files, diamond files, side cutters, Xuron cutters, tweezers, carvers, broaches, probes, scribes & punch & die sets...................
  • Seam Scraper

    Seam Scraper

    • Price: 11.78 (9.82 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock
  • Plastic Scribe

    Plastic Scribe

    • Price: 6.98 (5.82 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock
  • Mould Line Removal Tool

    Mould Line Removal Tool

    • Price: 5.99 (4.99 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock
  • Tamiya Decal Scissors

    Tamiya Decal Scissors

    • Price: 15.49 (12.91 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock
  • Tamiya Non-Scratch Pliers

    Tamiya Non-Scratch Pliers

    • Price: 25.99 (21.66 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock

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