Drills & Pin Vices

  • A selection of pin vices, holders & drill's for making miniature holes impossible with larger tools. The Archimedean hand drill allows faster drilling of small holes & Pin vices can also be used as holders for scribing points.
  • Pin Vice & Drill Set

    Pin Vice & Drill Set

    • Price: 6.98 (5.82 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock
  • Pin Vice

    Pin Vice

    • Price: 6.49 (5.41 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock
  • Archimedean Hand Drill

    Archimedean Hand Drill

    • Price: 6.79 (5.66 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock
  • Miniature HSS Drill Set

    Miniature HSS Drill Set

    • Price: 8.99 (7.49 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock

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