3M 5925 Particulate Pre-Filters

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3M 5925 Particulate Pre-Filters
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The 3M 5925 Particulate Pre-Filter is compatible with the 3M 6000, 6500 & 7000 Series Half Mask respirators.

Designed to be used in addition to 3M 60xx gas/vapour filter range when gas/vapour & particulate protection are required. 3M 501 filter retainers are required to fit the 5925 Particulate Pre-Filters to 3M 60xx series gas/vapour filters.

3M 5925 Particulate Pre-Filters can also be used on the 6000 & 7000 series masks without gas vapour filters to offer particulate only protection. In order to do this, 3M 501 filter retainers & 3M 603 filter platforms are required.

* Particulate filter for low levels of fine dusts & mists (P2)

* Supplied in pack of 2 filters, for 1 mask

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