3M 6500QL Airbrushing Pack

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3M 6500QL Airbrushing Pack
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The 3M 6500QL Half Mask Airbrushing Pack contains everything required for adequate respiratory protection while using airbrush specific paints such as acrylics & solvent based, it contains the following;

3M 6500QL Half Mask

low maintenance, comfortable twin filter half mask featuring a lightweight elastomeric face piece, 3M bayonet filter fittings, "Quick Latch" drop down feature, cradle head harness with easy fasten neck strap (the 6500 half mask utilises all 3M 2000, 5000 and 6000 Series Filters).

* Medium fit
* Standard: EN140
* Approval: CE marked
* The 6500 data sheet can be found HERE

3M 6051 Gas/Vapour filter set

3M 5925 Particulate pre-filter set

3M 501 Pre-filter retainers (allows mounting of 5925 pre-filters onto 6051 filters)

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