Aircom 17 Watt "Add-On" Unit

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This is an add on module for the Aircom 17 Watt Spray Booth - it's identical to the standard / standalone Aircom 17 Watt model, but features a fixed power plug which allows it to be connected / "daisy chained" directly to a standard Aircom 17 Watt, so only one power lead & mains socket are require for operation.

Included is a bracket to join the fold-up Perspex shrouds together so that the end support can be removed from the existing Aircom 17 Watt to give an uninterrupted working width of 810mm.

Specifications of the Aircom 17 Watt are identical to the standard model;

The Italian manufactured Aircom 17 Watt spray booth is a robust, steel cased hobby spray booth that easily folds down into an exceptionally compact size for storage, the Aircom 17 is a filtration spray booth, so there are no hoses or ducting to be concerned with. A two stage filter element is used - a primary synthetic filter & secondary activated carbon filter, both of which are easily changed.

* 91.8 CFM (2.6 M3 / Min) extraction rate
* Overall dimensions (Closed):- 400 x 105 x 205mm (WxDxH)
* Overall dimensions (Open):- 403 x 250 x 345mm (WxDxH)
* Main filter face dimensions: - 365 x 170mm (WxH)
* Noise Level:- 45db
* Weight excluding power lead:- 3.4Kg
* 220/240V
* Minimal assembly required

** Please note that as this unit exhausts directly from the rear of the cabinet a clearance of around 100mm plus is advised at the rear.

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