Flex-I-File Combo Set

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The Flex-I-File's aluminium frame with Mylar polyester backed abrasive tapes which are flexible & durable, ideal for a variety of finishing tasks, such as curved surfaces, hard to reach areas. The Flex-I-File's design is similar to that of a junior hacksaw, with the frame holding the abrasive tape by tension, but still being flexible enough to allow the tape to conform to curved surfaces where required. Suitable for wet or dry use, additional / replacement tapes available.

The Flex-I-File Combo set includes;

* Anodised Aluminium frame
* 17 abrasive tapes (6 x 112mm);
* 6 x 150 grit coarse tape (black)
* 5 x 280 grit medium tape (orange)
* 3 x 320 grit fine tape (grey)
* 3 x 600 grit extra fine tape (red)

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