Harder & Steenbeck Grafo T2 Airbrush

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The Harder & Steenbeck Grafo T2 is a high end side feed airbrush for fine & microfine work, it feature a continuous double action (see below), nozzle constructed from high alloy silver, stainless needle & paint volume control with memory.

The Grafo features continuous double action, where the air & paint flow are both controlled by the backwards movement of the trigger. The first portion of backwards trigger travel is reserved for air & the remainder of the travel controls paint flow in the same manner as a regular double action airbrush.

As standard the Grafo T2 comes with an 0.2mm needle / nozzle set, 4 x 4ml bayonet mount colour cups & case. The Grafo is supplied with a quick connect fitting allowing it to be used with quick connect hoses, alternatively this fitting can be removed allowing it to be connected to a standard 1/8" BSP hose.

** Now fitted with the new & improved "V2" needle design.

Optional needle / nozzle sets of 0.15, 0.4 & 0.6mm are available, as well as a conversion kit to allow 15ml paint jars to be used.

As with all Harder & Steenbeck Airbrushes, build quality is superb & the design allows for a very quick & easy tool free strip down for thorough cleaning.

We carry the full range of Harder & Steenbeck spares & accessories for the Grafo T2 in stock.

As an added bonus, we will include a free copy of Harder & Steenbeck's "Airbrush Workshop" DVD, which features basic technique, masking, cleaning, troubleshooting & information on accessories.

For Grafo parts or operating instructions (PDF, opens in new window);

A range of Harder & Steenbeck Accessories to further expand the capabilities of the Grafo T2 Airbrush (Click thumbnails for further information);

0.15mm Needle / Nozzle Set; 0.4mm Needle / Nozzle Set;

0.6mm Needle / Nozzle Set; Spatter Cap;

Additional Paint Cups;


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