Iwata Crown Cap

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Iwata Crown Cap
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The Iwata 1050 Crown Cap can be fitted in place of many standard Iwata needle caps & offers several advantages;

* Helps prevent needle cap paint build up

* Allows the needle tip to be more easily seen & accessed

* Shorter length allows closer fine detail work to be done

Many users remove their needle cap to prevent paint build up, to get closer to their work & to see what is happening at their airbrush tip, the only problem is that it exposes the needle tip & allows it to be easily damaged simply by getting too close to the work in hand or carelessly putting the airbrush back into it's stand. The Crown Cap offers the advantage of having the needle cap removed, but also protects the needle tip.

Suitable for the following airbrushes;

* Eclipse HP-BS
* Eclipse HP-CS
* Eclipse HP-BCS
* Eclipse HP-SBS
* High Performance HP-A
* High Performance HP-B
* High Performance HP-C
* High Performance HP-BC
* High Performance HP-SB
* High Performance Plus HP-A+
* High Performance Plus HP-B+
* High Performance Plus HP-C+
* High Performance Plus HP-BC+
* High Performance Plus HP-SB+
* Hi-Line HP-BH
* Hi-Line HP-CH
* Kustom Hi-Line CH
* Kustom Eclipse CS

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