High Performance Plus HP-A+ Optional Needle/Nozzle parts

  • The Iwata High Performance Plus HP-A+ Optional 0.3mm nozzle set requires an optional nozzle & needle cap to be fitted, as detailed below;

  • The Iwata High Performance Plus HP-A+ airbrush is fitted as standard with an 0.2mm nozzle set, in addition to this parts are available to convert it to 0.3mm.

    Having an additional nozzle set expands the capabilities of your airbrush, allowing fine detail & broad coverage to be obtained from one airbrush. Optional nozzle sets are easily fitted & swapping between different sets is simple.

    The items required to use the optional nozzle set are optional nozzle & needle cap - the link below details the required parts;
  • Iwata 0808 0.3mm Nozzle

    Iwata 0808 0.3mm Nozzle

    • Price: 37.49 (31.24 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock
  • Iwata 1102 Needle Cap

    Iwata 1102 Needle Cap

    • Price: 9.98 (8.32 Excluding VAT)
    In Stock

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