Iwata Preset Cut-Away Handle

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Iwata Preset Cut-Away Handle
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The Preset, Cut-Away handle serves two purposes;

The Preset allows paint flow to be limited as required by turning the adjustable knob at the end of the handle & limiting needle travel, this is useful where repetitive spraying with the same paint flow is required.

The Cut-Away allows the needle to be withdrawn back fully from the nozzle via the needle chuck nut (further than the trigger will allow) & assists when flushing with cleaner or when clearing blockages.

Chrome Finish.

Can be optionally fitted to;

* Eclipse HP-BS
* Eclipse HP-CS
* Eclipse HP-BCS
* Eclipse HP-SBS

Fitted as standard to;

* Hi-Line HP-AH
* Hi-Line HP-BH
* Hi-Line HP-CH
* High Performance + HP-A+
* High Performance + HP-B+
* High Performance HP-SB+
* Kustom CH
* Kustom CS


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