Needle Seal Tool

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Needle Seal Tool
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The Harder & Steenbeck Needle Seal Tool is specifically designed for the removal & installation of the main needle seal (sometimes referred to as the needle bearing) from your airbrush.

The tip of the tool fits through the needle seal retaining screw & the screwdriver tip engages in it, unscrewing then removes the screw & seal in one operation, the seal keeping the screw in position & preventing it's loss. To refit, the old seal is removed from the tip of the tool & replaced, then the tool is simply re-inserted & the screw tightened. The barrel of the tool is a close fit to the airbrush body which correctly aligns the tool for use & prevents the possibility of cross-threading.

Suitable for;

* Ultra
* Focus
* Evolution
* Evolution Silverline
* Evolution CRplus
* Evolution ALplus
* Grafo
* Infinity
* Infinity CRplus

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