Sparmax 5.3L Airtank System

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The Sparmax 5.3L "Airtank System" is an idea add on for compressors without an air tank, helping to reduce pressure fluctuations / pulsation created by some compressors which don't have a tank fitted.

The "Airtank System" comprises a 5.3L receiver tank fitted with pressure regulator / gauge, pressure switch (40psi on / 60psi off), compressor power supply socket, drain plug, & mounting brackets with rubber feet.

Connection is simple - connect the compressors air outlet to the "Airtank System's" air inlet with suitable hosing & then plug the compressors power plug into the "Airtank System" compressor power supply socket - the "Airtank System" will then control the operation of the compressor via its own pressure switch & power socket - when air tank pressure drops below 40psi, the built in pressure switch will switch the compressor on & continue running it until the air tank pressure reaches 60psi, when the compressor will be switched off until pressure falls below 40psi again.

Automatic compressors that have their cut-off pressure set below 60psi can also be used, their operation being controlled by their own pressure switch rather than that of the "Airtank System".

Suitable for use with;
* Automatic airbrush compressors
* Manual airbrush compressor with output in excess of 60PSI

* Compressor & air hose required

Inlet:- 1/8" BSP-P male
Outlet:- 2 x 1/8" BSP-P male
Weight:- 3.6Kg
UK models supplied with 3 pin socket box & 3 pin plug
EU models supplied with Europlug socket box & Europlug

Sparmax 5.3L Airtank System manual (PDF, opens in new window);


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