Sparmax GP-850 Airbrush

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Sparmax GP-850 Airbrush
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The Sparmax GP-850 is a gravity fed, pistol grip airbrush with continuous double action, a large 0.5mm nozzle, removable 125ml paint cup with screw on lid & is suited to coverage work & larger areas. The GP-850 is supplied with both round pattern & fan pattern air caps, round pattern giving the typical airbrush spray pattern, with fan pattern giving a shorter, broader pattern especially suited to coverage work.

The GP-850 is also fitted with an adjustable pre-set rear handle - this can be adjusted to limit needle travel & consequently paint flow.

Round & fan pattern air caps can easily be interchanged by removing the retaining collar & swapping air caps. The retaining collar allows the fan pattern air cap to be orientated in any position so that a tall/ narrow or short/wide spray pattern can be achieved.

* Supplied with nozzle spanner
* Supplied with cleaning brush

** Please see the "Air Requirements" tab for information on compressor suitability.

For Sparmax SP-20X parts or operating instruction (PDF, open in new window);

The GP-850 consumes more air than a standard airbrush when operating in fan pattern & many low / medium powered airbrush compressor will be unable to provide adequate airflow.

The following air consumption figures can be used to determine if you existing compressor will be suitable;

20psi - round pattern - 11.1 L/Min*
30psi - round pattern - 14.6 L/Min*

20psi - fan pattern - 19.1 L/Min*
30psi - fan pattern - 25.2 L/Min*

Your compressors airflow rating should be available from the compressor manual or from the manufacturer's website. Should the rating be provided in CFM, multiply the CFM rating by 28.3 to obtain the L/Min rating.

* These figures are approximate & provided for guidance only

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