Sparmax TC-610H Plus Airbrush Compressor

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The Sparmax TC-610H Plus is an updated model of the popular TC-610H airbrush compressor, featuring a new case design with top mounted pressure adjustment, pressure gauge & removable twin airbrush holders.

Just like the previous TC-610H, the TC-610H Plus is a powerful, quite & reliable oil free automatic single piston airbrush compressor fitted with a 2.5L air tank.

The TC-610H Plus is automatic - when the air tank pressure falls below 40psi, the compressor runs to recharge the tank back to 60psi & then switches off - the compressor running to the demand of the air tank, rather than switching on/off every time the airbrush trigger is pressed.

The TC-610H Plus is enclosed in a sturdy steel case with carrying handle, case top mounted adjustable pressure regulator / moisture filter, output pressure gauge & two removable airbrush holders. The pressure regulator has 2 x 1/8" BSP-P air outlets (1 x blanking cover included) & is supplied with 1 x 3.0M braided air hose with 1/8" BSP-P fittings.

* 0.85CFM (24L/M) Flow
* 58psi (4bar) Pressure
* 1/6 HP (135 Watt) Motor
* Automatic, On 40psi, Off 60psi
* Time to charge 30 Sec. (no load)
* Time to recharge 10 Sec. (no load)
* 53dbA
* 2 x 1/8" male outlets
* 3.0M 1/8" braided hose Included
* 7.5Kg
* 145 x 300 x 370mm (WxDxH)
* 220/240V

Sparmax TC-610H manual (PDF, opens in new window);


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