Tamiya Lacquer LP-22 Flat Base

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Tamiya Lacquer LP-22 Flat Base

** For addition to Gloss & Semi-Gloss Tamiya Lacquer to flatten colour

The Tamiya Lacquer LP-22 Flat Base can be used as an additive to both Gloss and Semi-Gloss Tamiya Lacquer paints to flatten colour. It comes in a 10ml screw top bottle. UK delivery only.

Tamiya Lacquer Paints are highly versatile - whether using them to airbrush large areas, or to pick out fine details with a brush, their stunning, consistent tones add superlative realism to your model. Their resilient finish makes them ideal to use as a basecoat, resistant to enamel paints, while swift drying times ensure an efficient painting process. Dedicated thinners & retarder available.

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